“In today’s tough business climate and as a small business, the cultivation of existing client relationships is always in the forefront of our mind, alongside day-to-day business. In our professional cooperation with Starcom, we could outsource the acquisition of new clients and focus completely on our core competency. Starcom opened doors to new clients as well as to countless interesting contacts.”

Frank Blunier
Managing Director
aarboard ag





“Starcom = professional sales on demand.”

Francisco Alvarez
Country Manager Switzerland





“It is our opinion that especially within this difficult environment, personal contact with your clients is of the utmost importance. To exchange opinions, to listen, to find solutions and to foster trust — for all of this, you need personal contact. In order for us to be able to focus on our core business and to obtain qualified contacts faster, we’ve outsourced this part of the work to Starcom as our professional partner. Starcom opens doors to the right people and thereby provides us with the necessary business platforms.”

Stefan Hiestand
AgaNola AG





“Thanks to Starcom, it’s now possible to remain on top of day-to-day business and to take care of existing customers, while at the same time acquiring new clients with the necessary focus.”

Giampaolo Fabris
Head of Distribution Institutional Clients
LGT Capital Management Ltd.





“Our collaboration with Starcom brought in addition to good new appointments something which was, for me, an even more important and positive factor. My sales team is clearly more motivated and incentivized. If an appointment comes in from Starcom for them, then the motivation fuels itself.”

Leiter Institutionelle Endkunden





“Alongside the market contacts and appointments from Starcom, I treasure this partnership because we have a committed partner who challenges my organization and myself, and who analyzes the state of affairs. Through this process, we often develop great ideas that we incorporate in projects. A perfect example being the so-called ‘Quality-Checks.’ These we have implemented once more with a number of target clients, when the relationship was somewhat chilled after the first appointment.”

Daniel Muntwyler
Manager Institutional Clients
SAM Sustainable Asset Management AG





“We work together with Starcom because business development for the future of Assurinvest is crucial. Here, we want to employ absolute professionals who understand their craft. Starcom brings us an important benefit: We can concentrate on our core business. We don’t need to search for personnel, or manage, train and motivate them. All this is arranged for us at the first stage of the acquisition by setting up appointments. That is an enormous advantage, thus our experience with Starcom is very good. The quality of the appointments is exemplary, and most importantly: it’s profitable for us to collaborate with Starcom.”

Harry Ziltener
Head of Marketing
Assurinvest AG





“In working with Starcom, we recently completed a market analysis in six European countries concerning safety sensor systems for industrial gates. What was impressive was how systematically Starcom prepared the definition of tasks, and how they subsequently executed them in the various languages of these countries. It was also important to us that not only our existing clients be surveyed, but also those that Starcom researched. The results and analyses prepared by Starcom were astounding and highly professional. The information content was much higher than expected, very sound and extensive, enabling us to get a much clearer picture of our market.”

Werner Fischer
Head of Sales
Bircher Reglomat AG





"With Starcom’s input we have managed to push our business development into right directions and to accelerate the implementation speed. From start, Starcom grasped a solid understanding of our business and specific needs and has delivered what we asked for in a timely and precise way."

Rickard Lindqvist
SPIRO International SA



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