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Starcom as Partner at the "aboutFLEET EVENT 2012"

The "aboutFLEET EVENT 2012" took place in the Umwelt Arena in Spreitenbach on the 28th of November 2012.

about Fleet

More details can be found at the Website:

Our precise selection of suitable fleet operators and a focused invitation campaign by telephone made it possible to attract over 50 fleet managers to participate in the event. It was a very innovative fair/event concept, and professionally implemented in the futuristic Umwelt Arena.

Please call us for your next fair or event and let us help you create a powerful and successful campaign!

Starcom AG

Starcom at the 2012 Swiss Leadership Forum

Starcom participates as Event Partner!

"Business Model — the Key to Success" was the motto of this top level event with exciting and cutting-edge presentations by Oswald Grübel, Thomas Borer and Torsten Tomczak, among others. We were particularly delighted that as a result of Starcom's groundwork, the forum has won one of this year's main sponsors!

Swiss leadership

Intense networking before and after the presentations revealed quite clearly that a personal approach in the world of B2B is still the decisive factor for success, the closing of business deals and a sustainable CRM.

Find out you for yourself today how we can actively assist and advise you and your team to approach your market potentials on a personal basis to generate New Business / Leads, and for sustainable, success-oriented marketing concepts.

Please call René Schön or Simon Vögele at +41 56 416 96 00 | for further information.

— Client: an independent asset manager

Client: document management provider

— Client: a leading Swiss consulting firms

— Client: a leading Hewlett-Packard partner

Starcom at the 2011 Finance Forum

Discussion at this year's Finance Forum revolved mainly around "cost reduction" and "how to increase productivity"—all due to the prevailing tense situation in the financial markets.

Simon Voegele, Starcom; Claude Baumann, editor

(Photo kindly provided by

The message was clear: "Those who adapt best to rapidly growing demands will be successful. Those who can't keep up with demands will either disappear from the market or will have to work for a fraction of today's revenue." (Beat Wittmann, Dynapartners AG, speaking during a panel discussion remarked that "excess capacities must not only go away, they must disappear." The industry has immediate cost savings potential of up to 20%, which has not yet been realized.)

Although the challenges ahead will be demanding, the majority of experts agree that the financial center of Switzerland—thanks to political stability, a stable currency, qualified personnel, and a modern IT-infrastructure— has good prospects for the future. However, business models must change and banks must adjust to new situations. What is missing and what is needed most is a strong sales organization. Productivity must increase substantially, the quality of counsel and guidance must steadily improve, organizational structures need to be streamlined, and costs need to be more closely tied to performance.

What is Starcom's "business" at the Finance Forum? Our expertise in sales and customer service will help banks and financial institutions increase their sales fitness level and optimize costs. We look forward to assisting you with this next phase and to working with you to implement solutions.

Please contact us at:

TEL +41 56 416 96 00 - - Contact: Simon Vögele

11th Swiss CRM Forum

Boost your Sales with Starcom

Getting maximum ROI on your CRM data was our contribution to the motto of this year's CRM Forum: "Business Boost through CRM." Our many intense and exciting discussions with fellow participants and visitors alike were focused on the perennial concern: Developing New Business and Winning New Customers.

The bottom line is clear: Somebody needs to make it happen!

Get in touch with us today and find out how we can most effectively support you in boosting sales and growing your business. We look forward to hearing from you!


Graduate Congress Zurich 2010

Starcom presents itself to future Team Members

This year about 100 companies have used the Graduate Congress as an opportunity to personally present themselves to potential employees in a casual atmosphere. Students and Young Professionals were offered some 3,800 jobs.

Starcom took the biggest job fair in Switzerland on 9 December to initiate contact with potentially qualifying employees and thereby ensure a healthy expansion over the coming years. Employees with a sound education and affinity for dialogue are essential for Starcom to bring together decision-makers at the highest level. The numerous personal contacts with students and young people have been promising. Thanks to the commitment of today's Students and Young Professionals who want to learn about and move the markets, Starcom will be able to continue to ensure resources for high standards for its systematic market development.

20th Finance Forum

Starcom - Market Intelligence for IT & Banking

Starcom's many long-standing partnerships in the finance industry led us to participate for the first time as exhibitors in this year's Finance Forum, held inside
the Kongresshaus in Zurich, on November 2nd and 3rd, 2010. Our booth in the Sales & CRM section became a focal point for networking, while the stylish Starcom lounge provided the perfect back-drop for stimulating discussion. It was an invaluable opportunity to see our established partners and clients, and we especially enjoyed making new contacts and forming some exciting new connections.

Interesting was the unanimous agreement among people we spoke to who said they would prefer if the Finance Forum were held during one day in the future rather than drawn out over two days.

In addition, many expressed the desire for a more deliberate and systematic method by which to maximize the number of visitors in preparation for the Forum. We would recommend that exhibitors approach specific desired partners and prospective clients early on, so as to have as many pre-qualified contacts at the Finance Forum as possible. Towards this goal we would like to offer our advice and support.

10th Swiss CRM Forum

Starcom is closing the Gap between CRM Strategy and CRM Tools

On Thursday, the 24th of June 2010, Starcom executives and team members greeted visitors of the 10th Swiss CRM Forum in the Zurich Hallenstadion. At both Contact-Points, fruitful discussions took place about Market & Sales Intelligence, as well as about the challenges and opportunities in taking a proactive approach at CRM.

Starcom Interview im KMU-RATGEBER — a supplement of the Tages-Anzeiger in March 2010, on the topic «SME in Switzerland»

Mats Scholz Starcom AG
Starcom AG specializes in B2B Market Cultivation and Services. Starcom takes over the implementation of sales strategies for their clients. Mats Scholz is a co-founder and member of the management team.

What constitutes efficient market cultivation in the SME sector, and what are possible measures?
In daily business, you can't partition; operational tasks stand in the foreground and want to be worked on. Sometimes, systematic market cultivation isn't given enough attention and the sales pipeline is not continually filled. A real chance for an SME to concentrate on their core competency lies in outsourcing; Starcom can play that role, as the outstretched arm of an SME in the market. Depending on the contract, we build contacts outside of the existing network, conduct market analyses or generate new business with an SME's existing clients.

Many SMEs operate in a niche market. How can this very specialized Know How be conveyed?
We pay careful attention to a well-functioning transfer of Know How already at the briefing phase. We ask the right questions and define with the SME the content-related and technical frameworks. In close cooperation with the account and sales teams, a tailored market cultivation process is developed and designed to be subsequently implemented in one of our four areas of expertise: IT/Telco, Finance/Services, Industrial/Construction and the Chemistry/Pharmaceutical/Food industry.

In an economically demanding environment, the right market cultivation is very important. In this case, how should an SME operate?
Central to market development in a tense environment are professional and result-oriented actions that are measurable. Only these will allow you to calculate the ROI and adjust the measures to rapidly changing circumstances. This means especially for an SME that the money need only be paid once, if it is paid 100% goal-oriented.

Interview PDF

Is professional market support even affordable for an SME?
A resounding «Yes»! An SME can purchase a tailored, fully professional service with us for the cost of a part-time employee. It's for this, as well as for other reasons, that around half of our clients originate from the SME sector.

Starcom Interview in OUTSOURCING — An Advisor for Efficient Outsourcing in Tages-Anzeiger from October 31st, 2009

«Outsourcing allows a company to act instantaneously.»
Interview: Alexander Saheb | Photo: Mats Scholz Starcom AG

Mats Scholz Starcom AG

Starcom AG specializes in B2B Market Cultivation and Services. Starcom takes over the implementation of sales strategies for their clients. Mats Scholz is a co-founder and member of the management team.

Are the services that you offer pronounced crisis medicine for firms?
Our expertise in the comprehensive B2B-Market Cultivation branch is sought after both in good and bad times.

Outsourcing allows a firm to act instantaneously with a specific, non-cyclical approach in order to obtain a sustainable outcome. The debate should have less to do with the crisis, rather the competence of the outsourcing partners.

Which services are especially sought after at the moment?
Our "Face Time Package": Qualified face time with competent contacts in firms that fit a defined client-profile.

It is often underestimated how time-consuming and complex it is today to meet with a decision-maker outside of your own established network.

At which volume do your services become profitable or worthwhile?
Our services are directly related to the sales expenditures and market potential of our clients. The higher these are, the more beneficial our advice becomes — thanks to the possible scaling and corresponding leverage. This is true for smaller, more specialized businesses, for medium-sized companies as well as large and internationally active firms.

Interview PDF

In your experience, when is outsourcing not an option?
When one can do it themselves at an obviously better and faster rate than third parties, also if there is no especial business growth and, accordingly, efficiency-improving ambitions at hand.

Here, it must be pointed out that in Sales one is often not aware of what precisely can be outsourced, and what really is their core-business.





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