Bust Parmenides


As a firm with one eye trained firmly on the future, Starcom integrates the concepts of Ancient Greek Philosophy into successful methodologies and business tools.

In today’s age of globalization, the demanding reality of management is becoming ever more complex. A fresh, intelligent outlook is essential in any Executive Decision-Making Process as well as in the conquest and cultivation of new markets.

In this way, Starcom is a trailblazer with our technique of implementing Ancient Greek Philosophy dating back to the Pre-Socratics in the 6th Century BCE – from Parmenides to Plato, Aristotle, Gorgias and the Stoics – as a foundation for our proven approach of result-oriented business solutions.

Parmenides von Elea (515–445 BCE.) was a Greek philosopher, lawmaker and the founder of the Eleatic School. Today, Parmenides is often portrayed as the “Father of Logic”, . . . (more)

Plato (427–347 BCE.) wrote the dialogue Plato’s Parmenides, which is widely regarded as the “Mount Everest of Philosophy”, toward the end of his life . . . (more)

Gorgias (487–376 BCE.), was a Rhetorician, a Pre-Socratic philosopher, and one of the main players in Sophism. His home, Leontini, was a Greek colony in Sicily remembered as the “Cradle of Greek Rhetoric.”. . . (more)

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